Registration for Thrill Day 2016


Thrill Day is almost here! Registration is now open for all zombies wishing to perform with us on October 29, 2016 at 4pm at the Boise Spectrum (7709 W. Overland Road, Boise, ID 83709)


Pre-registration will remain open through October 27 and is highly recommended. We will also allow registration on site, but please make sure you arrive early so that we have time to add you to our final count. All performers are required to sign a waiver to perform, so if you are under 18 please make sure a parent or guardian is in attendance if you are registering on site.

All performers should arrive no later than 2:30pm on Thrill Day. Part of the magic of this worldwide event is that we all perform at exactly the same moment, so there will be no option to include zombies or who show up late! We will have a bonus performance for the audience to enjoy after the official count has been submitted.

Please arrive in costume with your make up done. If you would like assistance with make up the Beauty Institute (suite 100 at Boise Spectrum) is offering free applications on Thrill Day with this coupon. You must make an appointment for this offer so call today! 208-429-8070

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3 Responses to “Registration for Thrill Day 2016”

  1. Is there still a performance at the Frightened Felons on Friday Oct. 28?

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