Practice tools 2016


Rehearsals have been going well! Big thanks to the instructors (Lindsay, Jeanne, Teri, Tim, Janelle, Andrea, and Jade) and the venues (YMCA, Firehouse, Old Pen) for donating to this cause. We are excited that so many of you have come out to dance with us and would encourage you to please help us spread the word to your friends and family. We want this performance to be HUGE!

Here are some practice tools for you to work with at home. Please continue to join us for as many live rehearsals as you can attend.

Instructional videos:

Script: ttw-thriller-dance-script-3-n-6-minute-on-one-page

Printable flyer (share with your friends!): ttw-flyer-2016-revised


Song with Script (slow version)

Song with Script (regular speed)

Quick Links

Donate to help us cover the cost of this non-profit event:


Rehearsal schedule:


Facebook page:

Facebook event:

Twitter: @ttwboise

Join mailing list:




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