Thrill Day countdown to 4 pm Oct. 25 at the Boise Spectrum!

Zmon09Zombies, please be there at 3. We need to make sure everyone is registered, wearing a nametag, and we need to have an official witnessed count, before and after.

We are assembling in the outdoor corridor between the Imax Theater and Tony & Guy Hairdressing Academy.

Wild 101 is on board for our music with their Boombox, and will play their music in between our encore performances after our official performance for the world record.

There will be four additional opportunities to perform Thriller at the Spectrum following the official performance, at 4:30, 5, 5:30 and 6, for those who would like to do so.

We hope you will stay and dance with uswe all work so hard, on the dance, our makeup and costumes, this is nice to be able to do some repeat performances. And the audience will love it!

Peppershock Media, our official video crew, will be set up on the east side of the fountain.

We will mark a “do not cross” line with tape so that we all will be in the frame as required for our official video.

They also will be taking “b” roll for editing together another video that we can use on our website and for future promotional opportunities.

Please tell your family and friends who are coming to photograph and video your awesome and fantastic moves: for the Official Video do not get in between the Peppershock crew and the zombies! They are welcome to get up close and personal when we perform the repeat dances.

Our Official Photographers: Pete Grady and Jason Jacobsen.

Fundraising recipient: Treasure Valley Family YMCA. There will be a bucket for donations at the Wild 101 Tent. Please bring a buck if you can spare it!

Next week:

Oct. 29, Performance at the Downtown YMCA, 6 pm. Let’s do a little pay back for them letting us practice there for free!

Oct. 30, Practice at the Old Pen, 6 pm.

Oct. 31, Performance at the Old Pen, 9:30 pm, please be there at 9. Frightened Felons, adult night. Kiddos can only be there and go in for the performance.

Nov. 1, Performance at the Old Pen, 9:30 pm, please be there at 9. Frightened Felons, family night. Everyone welcome before and after the performance.

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