Getting started – Rehearsal schedule

rehearsal pic 1 Thank you for joining us for the 5th Anniversary of Thrill The World Boise!

We have many rehearsal times and locations available this year (and maybe more on the way!) so you should have lots of opportunities to learn the official Thrill The World Boise routine. Dancers of all ages and abilities are welcome to join us, so invite your friends!

Rehearsal schedule:

There is no registration required to attend rehearsals. We will announce the performance registration process later.

Our management team has decided to return to using the 3 minute version of the routine this year. Yes, we know this technically disqualifies our zombie count from the world record attempt, but both the dancers and audience seem to have a better experience with the shorter routine. Due to this change we recommend that ALL performers attend at least one live rehearsal to prepare appropriately for the performance.

Remember, you are welcome to attend as few or many of the rehearsals as you feel necessary to learn this routine. You are also highly encouraged to work with the videos and each other at home. (Please bear with us while we find the correct instructional videos for the short routine…we will post them as soon as possible!)

The official worldwide performance will be October 26, 3pm on the Grove.  We have also been invited to perform again at the Frightened Felons event at the Old Penitentiary on October 25 and 26.  

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