Great Work, Thrill the World Boise 2012!

Let’s have a round of applause for making Thrill the World Boise 2012 a success! Our final performer count was 99 zombies. The worldwide count is currently at 9,450 and they are still collecting and verifying reported totals.

We appreciate all of the photos and videos that you sent in. If you come across any others, please forward them to us for promotional use for future events. Thanks for the official photography and videos by Silvia Maldonado, Amanda Morgan of Ammo Photog and Will Jones of Foothill Films.

This year provided a lot of challenges and obstacles and we are exceptionally proud of everyone that stepped up to help us continue this amazing annual event. Many thanks to the volunteer team that gave hundreds of hours to produces this event. Janelle and Janet worked hard to ensure that all of the administrative details and behind the scenes work was taken care of. Savannah Goode and Gia-Ninh Chuang bravely volunteered to teach the routine and did an incredible job with their instruction. Please continue to support Janet at the Grove Hotel and the Idaho Steelheads, Savannah at Off Center Dance Project and Fort Boise Community Center, and Gia-Ninh at the YMCA and Kinetic Edge Fitness Concepts.

We also encourage you to support our other wonderful sponsors: Boise CentreFatty’s Bar, Idaho State Historical Society, Radio Boise, Rick Moorten and the rest of the team at Wild 101.

Thanks to all of the participants and supporters who made donations to help cover our overhead costs. Next year will be the 5th Anniversary of Thrill the World Boise and we would like to make it an event to remember! If you would like to volunteer or provide sponsorship please contact us at

Thanks again!!!

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