Important Performance Info

It’s almost thrill time!

Please read this message carefully (and more than once!) as there a lot of important instructions included. If you are unclear about any of this information or have questions you are encouraged to email

The rehearsal on Thursday, Oct. 25th, 6pm at the Old Penitentiary is MANDATORY for all performers! (Don’t lose your job over this, but please be there if you can swing it!) Janelle will be in town and would like to make any last minute adjustments at this practice. This will also be the rehearsal time for the Alternate Dance participants.

Please register online right away! We need to know how many people are attending each performance as soon as possible.
If you have friends that would still like to learn the dance it is not too late to include them. Online registration will close Thursday, Oct. 25th.
* Click here for the ADULT REGISTRATION FORM
* Click here for the CHILD REGISTRATION FORM

All performers must be registered and checked in before the performance. You need to arrive for check in at noon on Saturday so that we have time to have everyone sign in, get some group photos, and run through any last minute instructions. The check in table will be in the grassy area adjacent to the Grove Plaza (behind the Brick Oven Bistro and in front of Wells Fargo). The dance starts at EXACTLY 1pm so be sure to let your supporters know to arrive early or they may miss the show!


Alternate Dance – Friday, Oct. 26, 7pm, Idaho Steelheads
* This group will be sent instructions seperately

Frightened Felons – Friday, Oct. 26 and 27, 9:30pm, Old Penitentiary, 2445 Old Penitentiary Road Boise, ID 83712
* Check in at the front gate as a performer at least 15 minutes early. Leave plenty of time to find parking as this is a popular event. Proceed to the basketball court area (on the left as you come in). Please stay in this area until performance time.

Off Center Dance – Saturday, Oct. 27, 4pm & 8pm, El Korah Shriners, 1118 W Idaho St, Boise, Idaho 83701
* Check in at the entrance at least 15 minutes early. You will be directed where to wait until performance time.



This is a non-for-profit event but there are many costs involved in production. We do not ever want to have to charge for participation, but cannot afford to present this event without your help.

Please consider donating $5-10 at practice or any of the performances. All of the organizers and instructors are donating their time to bring you this community event and it is not fair to ask them to cover the cost as well.



Costumes and make-up are your responsibility. Be creative and help each other out! There are plenty of online tutorials for how to apply zombie make-up with varying degrees of complexity. You may dress as any type of zombie you like EXCEPT Michael Jackson. We have already designated our MJ for this year.


Invite your friends to attend the performances. Bringing your own fan club can really help your performance! The worldwide thrill time on the Grove is free and open to the public. All other performances require admission for spectators (but not performers). We choose our partnerships carefully and can guarantee that The Off Center Dance show and Frightened Felons events will be worth attending!
***Edit: We can allow one adult into each performance as a chaperone for under age performers. Check that person in as a performer. We are sorry that we can’t accommodate entire families, but this is the agreement we have with the participating venues. ***


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2 Responses to “Important Performance Info”

  1. Liz Donerkiel Says:

    All of the instructors have informed us we can find the dance with audio prompts for the entire dance in its entirety but where? I am trying to practice but the links to Youtube take you to clips of each individual move only or combined moves with captions. Help, please!

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