Thrill The World 2012

Welcome back, Boise zombies!

The official Thrill The World Boise performance will be
OCTOBER 27 at 1pm at the Grove Plaza.

Event staff:

Janelle is still producing the show (from Los Angeles!) but has a great street team in Boise to make sure everything goes well.

The dance:

Due to the requirements Thrill the World International we will be doing the 6 minute version of the dance this year. It is the same movements as in the shorter version, just repeated more times. However, this means that you may not be able to learn the entire dance in one rehearsal. Please plan on attending more than one rehearsal AND practicing with the videos at home.

We have many other performance opportunities to be announced. This event is open to performers of all ages and abilities but all are required to learn the official TTW choreography. Please invite your friends!


Unfortunately we have lost some of our support from the past years and are seeking new sponsors. This is a not-for-profit event, but donations will be accepted to cover expenses. Please email us or speak with Janet at rehearsal to make a donation.


Quick Links:

Facebook page:
Facebook event:
Twitter: @ttwboise
Join mailing list:
Videos: (start at video clip 8 of 40)
Rehearsal schedule: 

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