Keep thrilling!

There has been a great turn out at rehearsals so far and I know you are all working hard at home on the dance! *So proud*
It is not too late to get involved so keep inviting your friends to rehearsal.

Costume and Make Up:
Be sure to start thinking about your zombie costume and make up!
The Costume Shop (3777 Chinden Blvd. Boise) will be offering a free tube of basic zombie make up with a $5 purchase.
There are lots of great you tube videos out there on how to do zombie make up as well, so get creative!

Here is an easy to print 8.5X11 flyer if you would like to help spread the word about Thrill the World Boise. (It should look good in black & white or color) Poster link 

Big thanks to all of the media coverage for this event. This year’s performance is going to be HUGE!

Fox 12 
Wild 101
Radio Boise
The River

Quick links:

Please invite your friends!

Facebook Page:
Facebook Event:
Twitter: @TTWBOISE

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