Everyone excited for the performance? I know I am!!!

Tonight 10/22/10
Walk through on the Grove Plaza 7pm

Thrill Day 10/23/10

The pre-registration has closed, but you can still register to perform and sign underage waivers (if necessary) on site. Please come early if you still need to register.

All performers should be at the Grove Plaza checking in and preparing at 4pm. We will start dancing at exactly 5pm.

We will have an official photographer and videographer on site. We will take some pictures of the entire group right before we dance and have opportunities for more afterwards. If you get any great photos or video I would love to have a copy! Please send them to

We have some people who can help with make-up on site if you are concerned. Please bring extra mirrors, sponges, wash clothes, etc. if you have them. There is not a dressing room with a sink that is easily accessible (however there is a small restroom if needed)

Many thanks to Inessens for creating Thrill the World so that we can all enjoy it together! will be streaming music and messages about the event for the 24 hours of Thrill Day, so tune in!

TTW and Ines Bio

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